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Boost Your Jeep’s Off-Road Appeal With Jeep Parts and Accessories

Jeep Parts And Accessories

Jeep Parts And Accessories can provide functional upgrades and boost your vehicle’s appearance. Exterior upgrades like bumpers and skid plates protect your ride from the elements while accessories like tire racks, roof top tents, and tailgate tables offer extra storage and functionality.

Many Jeep owners install cold air intake systems for a noticeable increase in engine performance and horsepower. An exhaust snorkel is also a great accessory to consider if you frequently explore wet terrain.

If there’s one thing that sets Jeep vehicles apart from any other car or truck on the road, it’s their rugged looks. The exterior of your Jeep can take quite a beating from the elements and off-road debris, but there are plenty of Jeep Wrangler accessories designed to keep it looking great. From mud flaps and tire covers to bumper upgrades, skid plates, nerf bars, soft or hard tops, and more, the list goes on. Jeep exterior accessories also include practical additions like winch mounts, fire extinguisher holders, grab handles, and hood catches.

Jeep fenders and flares are a popular choice because they provide protection against damage from rocks and other road debris. Other popular options include Jeep brush guards and bull bars, which look tough and provide extra protection for your engine and headlights. Even your tailgate can be upgraded with a handy table that lets you rest or eat after a long day of driving.

When it comes to keeping your Jeep looking good, exterior accessories are a must. While they don’t get as much attention as interior upgrades, they’re still a big part of what makes your vehicle unique. If you’re planning to sell your Jeep in the future, a premium exterior upgrade can help increase its value and make it easier to find a buyer.

CJ’s offers a wide selection of Jeep Wrangler door handle covers, license plate brackets, locking gas caps, hood isolators, and other accessories that give you a fresh look at an affordable price. We carry brands you trust, such as Smittybilt, RT Off-Road, and Crown Automotive. These quality-made accessories come in various finishes to match your style, including black, chrome, and polished aluminum. Some even have a rubberized coating for durability. Many feature an easy-to-install double-sided tape installation, so you can install them quickly and easily on your vehicle. Check out our full inventory of Jeep exterior accessories to see what’s available. Our knowledgeable sales staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or the installation process. We look forward to helping you make your next trip on the trail that much more enjoyable!


Jeep owners enjoy a certain sense of freedom when driving their vehicle, and that often involves off-roading. Whether climbing over rocks or mudding in a mud bog, you can add a number of Jeep parts and accessories to help you get the most out of your off-road experience. These modifications offer a range of benefits, including increased performance, protection and storage space.

One of the most popular Jeep upgrades is a cold air intake system, which increases the amount of oxygen flowing into the engine. The result is improved fuel efficiency and an additional boost of power, which can make your Jeep more responsive in off-road conditions. Another common modification is a snorkel, which moves the exhaust pipe higher than the ground so it stays clear of water and debris in wet locations.

For increased visibility, there are a variety of Jeep lighting upgrades, including LED headlights, fog lights and tail light upgrades. These additions can help you see the trail ahead of you, making it easier to navigate difficult terrain. Light bars are also available, which mount above the windshield and provide more illumination for off-road driving in the dark.

The interior of your Jeep can also be improved with the addition of a soft or hard top. These options allow you to enjoy the weather conditions without being limited by a fixed roof, and they can be easily removed when you’re not using them.

You can also improve the comfort of your ride with seat covers and floor mats, which can reduce the wear and tear on your seats and protect them from dirt and moisture. A rear cargo basket can also increase the amount of space in your cabin, allowing you to carry more gear on your next off-road adventure.

JEGS offers a wide selection of Jeep parts and accessories, including suspension and chassis upgrades, tires and wheels, and interior upgrades. These modifications can improve the look and functionality of your vehicle, while adding a touch of personal style. With a wide selection of in-store and online options, you can find the perfect part or accessory for your Jeep.


Jeeps are a heavy-duty automobile designed for tough cruises and off-road adventures. They’re also built to last, but like any vehicle, they need to be properly maintained and upgraded with parts and accessories. Whether you own a Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Compass, Jeep Renegade or Jeep Gladiator, you can get the parts you need to keep your SUV running at peak performance and looking great for years to come with Mopar OEM Jeep replacement parts.

Jeep SUVs are already popular choices for off-road adventurers, but with the right upgrades and accessories, they can go even further than you ever expected. For example, a Jeep winch kit is a great way to add a bit of power to your SUV so you can easily haul your gear and pull yourself out of any sticky situations that arise on the trails. Other great Jeep accessories include lighting upgrades that make it easier for you to see the trail ahead of you and to get a clear view of your surroundings when driving at night or in rainy conditions.

Another popular accessory for off-roaders is a snorkel that moves your exhaust out of the water, which can be particularly important if you’re going to drive your Jeep in wet locations. You can also boost your Jeep’s performance with air intakes, cold air intake systems, and other engine-related upgrades that improve efficiency and give you a stronger feeling of power when you hit the road or trails.

Lastly, you can upgrade your Jeep’s interior with various accessories that are sure to please. For instance, a Jeep dash mount is a convenient and comfortable way to hold your phone while you’re on the road. It contours to the shape of your dashboard and features multiple adjustment points so you can use it vertically or horizontally.

If you’re ready to take your off-roading adventures to the next level, check out the many Jeep accessories available from NAPA. They’re made from quality materials and can help you keep your SUV looking great and performing at its best while out on the trail or highway.


Jeep parts and accessories allow you to customize the vehicle to your specific needs and tastes. They can also improve the performance of your vehicle and make it more rugged and able to handle difficult terrain. You can find thousands of different upgrades for your Jeep. These include lift kits to increase the ground clearance, steel bumpers and sliders to protect your vehicle, winches to bolster off-road capabilities, and many other enhancements.

A Jeep towing kit allows you to transport equipment or people in your vehicle while it’s being pulled behind another vehicle or trailer. The kit includes a towing hitch and cables and can be installed in minutes. The hitch also has a safety chain to prevent the trailer from pulling away from your vehicle. Other towing accessories include brake controllers, hitch covers, and trailer hitches.

Upgrade your Jeep’s exterior with a grille brow, push bar, and bumper guard for a tough look. You can also add fender flares and half doors for a more rugged appearance. Other exterior Jeep accessories include LED light bars to illuminate the trail, mud flaps, and tire carriers.

Inside your Jeep, you can upgrade your comfort with accessories like floor mats and new seats. Adding storage nets, door sill protectors, and a fire extinguisher holder lets you keep important items organized. JEGS also carries Jeep interior upgrades like grab handles and door sill covers.

If you’re driving your Jeep in a remote area, a roof rack is a must-have accessory. It can help you store extra gear or luggage and will also be helpful if you’re camping or hiking in a national park. These racks can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, or heavy-duty plastic and can hold up to 75 pounds.

Whether you’re a weekend off-roader or an urban warrior, you can enhance your Jeep with parts and accessories from 4 Wheel Parts. With retail stores and installation centers located nationwide and an easy ordering online process, you can get top-quality Jeep parts and accessories to take your vehicle to the next level. You can even find upgrades to your vehicle’s engine and powertrain, suspension and chassis components, tires, wheels, and more.